Thursday, June 26, 2008

Without's still a Zoo

It's that time of year again.....Buick Open time.

I understand the positive aspects of having a PGA nationally televised tournament played here. The economical impact for the area is worth the additional costs incurred for the city and township. All the television air time and print press give the area needed exposure. But for us here at Gear Acres it's a big hassle.

The tournament lasts basically a week. It's a total frenzy from Wednesday through Sunday. On Monday I was unable to make the right hand turn into my driveway because of people on golf carts. Anywhere else this would be no big deal. I could wait and let them pass but because I HAD to let them play through, so to speak, I was forced to sit on a road with a 50 MPH speed limit just over the crest of a hill in a blind spot. I've been hit before while waiting to make a left hand turn into my driveway and now have bulging discs in my neck. So I was unhappy having to wait. I then pulled into my driveway, stopped, and went to the mailbox where I was nearly run over by a bright blue Rolls Royce. They obviously had spent some time in the clubhouse. They won't be the last intoxicated person I see this week either.

I was probably the only person excited that Tiger Woods was not going to be making an appearance at the Buick Open. I feel bad he is hurt and needed surgery but the crowds are much lighter when he isn't playing.

So this weekend if you are so inclined to watch golf on TV, look for me. I'll be the crazy lady spraying the garden hose on trespassers. I'll wave at the blimp so you know it's me.

**If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not a big golf fan. Watching golf is like watching paint dry or grass growing, the only difference is that you have to whisper when you are watching golf. But then some people like to watch fast cars go in circles or fast cars go in a straight line so why wouldn't some like to watch men in plaid chase a little white ball????? To each his own.....just stay off my grass!!!!