Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paint Journal

Have you ever forgotten exactly what shade of white you painted the living room ceiling? How about are in the store and you have found the most fabulous fabric on sale but you are not sure if it will match or coordinate with your bedroom walls?I found the cure......a Rubbermaid Paint Journal complete with pockets and dividers, plus a template for wallpaper and fabric swatches. All this in a little 8" X 7 1/2" binder with a nifty elastic band to keep it closed and contents secured. What I really like is the fact that you could put it in your purse whenever you go shopping and at a turn of the page have all your paint, wallpaper, and fabric swatches at your fingertips. No more returning items that do not match. No more passing up on a good deal because you are not sure. No more regrets that you did not buy that fabulous fabric at a dollar a yard because you could not return it if it did not match.I have no idea what the actual retail cost of this journal is because I scored mine at Goodwill today for a mere 39 cents. Brand new and everything intact. Now I just need to find my paint chips.

A creative person could easily make this same journal out of an old Franklin planner. The elastic band is attached by having two small holes on the back cover. Here is a photo of how Rubbermaid did it.

I also bought the book, Early American Homes North Edition printed in 1956. This book set me back a whole 50 cents. With my luck I'll have to spend a fortune on the South Edition if I find a copy.