Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Free Stuff and a Time Update

The mailman delivered free goodies today. Yippee!

Several days ago I received an email from My Coke Rewards saying that my free Black and Decker Cordless Rotary Tool was on back order. But.....to expedite my order they were upgrading me to a Cordless Dremel 4 point something volts. The free Dremel arrived today.

And these................2 free tickets to the Detroit Pistons vs Miami Heat. Those are not the first free tickets we have received this winter. We also have tickets to the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. Three weeks ago we saw Lord of the Dance for free. R says "don't tell people I went to see Lord of the Dance." While we were walking back to our car he said, "that was the longest 4 hours." I looked at my watch and replied, "we were only in there 1 hour and 50 minutes and they had a 20 minute intermission." He said....."it still seemed like 4 $%#!* hours. The first dance was cool and the second one was OK but really how many times do you need to see them do the same thing? And what was the deal with the little gold pixie chick?" I guess he didn't understand the symbolism. If it's not a race car he's bored. I'm surprised he agreed to go in the first place. Somehow I think around July when I start complaining about 400 dollar tire bills for the race car, I am going to hear this.....

"I didn't complain when you dragged me to Lord of the Flies."

If I had a nickel for every time he has said Lord of the Flies instead of Lord of the Dance.....I could buy him a set of tires and not have him say "you dragged me to Lord of the Flies."

Here is how you, too, can get free tickets......in Michigan the Meijer stores are giving away 2 free tickets to various Piston games and assorted events at the Palace of Auburn Hills. All you need to do is buy 2 of the weekly designated items plus $20.00 in groceries, fill out the supplied form, and mail receipt and a self addressed stamped envelope to the Free Ticket Zone at Meijer Program.

Today I purchased 2 of the required items. It was tough......Meijer Oreo like cookies. We are hoping for Harlem Globetrotter or Laker tickets.

Time update.......In my last post I lamented about how did people back in the day set their clocks? Today while watching one of my favorite programs, Cultivating Life, they talked about time. According to the expert, all clocks sold during colonial times came with a small window sill sundial. Every day around noon someone in the house checked their sundial and clock for accuracy. Which leads me to my next question. Why not just use the sundial and save the money you spent on the clock???