Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When is the best time of day to get on the roof?

R needed to install a new drip edge on a shed dormer last Sunday. The temperature was in the 80's. The roof is a dark color. There was no shade. R was hot...very hot. All I know is I kept hearing muttering coming from the roof. I swear it sounded like this...."She just had to wait until it was hotter than hell"....."what the #$%^!"......"ouch"....."couldn't do this when it was 60 degrees out".

So rather than listen to him...I went into the barn to take a quick inventory of our wooden storm windows. Behind some race car stuff I found a window screen that appeared to be the correct size for the window in the shed dormer that R was working on. So I thought while he was up there he might as well install it....Right??

Well I forgot it would not fit through the window so R had to crawl across the hot roof, climb down the ladder, get the window screen, climb back up the ladder, crawl across the hot roof, and then install the screen. Screen looks good. R looked hot. So to make up for having to go up on the roof on an extremely hot day....we went to our fav restaurant...The Holly Hotel.

We have been dining club members for years. We had Barbara and Gavin's rehearsal dinner there. I thought I had dined in all the little nooks and crannies that they have but I guess not. This time we ate in a little area that seats approximately 4 couples.....the area was called the Dining Car.The walls are not that light, they are more of a maroon color. My flash distorted the color. R thinks they need to vibrate the floor and have a recording of the sound of the rail car moving along the tracks....thump thump.

As usual we had a great meal. R had Beef Wellington and I had Halibut Cheeks and lobster served with mashed plantains and coconut corn. Very very good.

R asked me "what are you having?"

I said "the Halibut cheeks."

R said..."what did you say about your butt cheeks? I didn't hear you."

Ladies....you can't have him....he's all mine.