Saturday, July 11, 2009

Antiques we come!

Look what I to the Antiques Roadshow.We are here in Madison Wisconsin for the Antiques Roadshow. I submitted my name for two tickets waaaay back in February. In May, I received an email saying that they were sending me two tickets. That's when the hard part started......what do I take? Rules allow for 2 items per person, so that gave us 4 items to have appraised. I knew I wanted to take some of my oil paintings, but which ones?

I decided to have three oil paintings and one pastel drawing appraised. I chose a large post impressionism oil painting by William Slocum Davenport. Davenport, an American living in Paris, was Whistler's dentist. James Abbott McNeil Whistler is most well known for the painting of his know....Whistler's mother. Personally, I like his later work. But back to the Davenport painting. This particular painting was exhibited at a salon in Paris on March 12, 1933. It is in it's original white gold leaf frame with an exhibit tag numbered #600. I purchased this large oil from a seller in England.

The pastel nude I chose was drawn by Leslie Crump. Ms Crump, along with her father, was an illustrator for Boy's Life magazine.

I also chose another post impressionism oil by an unknown artist. I was told by the seller that the painting was French and late 19th century. The painting is undated so I was skeptical. The frame appears to be original.

The final oil I chose was the crucifixion oil dated 1936. The artist signed it with his initials but I have been unable to learn the artist's name. I featured this painting in a post last year.

The tickets have a time printed on them and ours say 8AM. We were able to get a hotel room within a stone's throw of the Alliant Energy Center which is the venue for the show. We pulled into the parking lot at 7:54AM.
Here is the line. Look at all the people with paintings. Guns were a big item with the guys. Normally when I am watching the Antiques Roadshow on TV and they start an appraisal for a gun, sword, or knife I get up and do something else until I see a new item. I'm not big on doll appraisals either. I prefer art work, jewelry, furniture, and decorative arts.

Wow.....that line moved faster than we thought. Here's R loading the SUV. The time is 10:04AM. It all happened so fast that I forgot to look for the Keno brothers. After the appraisal we were told to get in yet another line to spin a wheel for a T shirt, tote bag, or travel mug. I really wanted a T shirt, so I could say....."been there, done that, got the T shirt." But unfortunately I will have to say..."been there, done that, got the tote bag."

We bypassed the feedback booth because we needed to get rolling to Beaver Dam. Yup...Beaver we come.

What did you say???? I forgot to tell you what they said about our treasures. Haven't got time. We need to get to the race track. Yup that's right... a race track. You don't think R came willingly to the Antiques you? I bribed him with a World of Outlaws race and as a bonus Beaver Dam is having their Lake Days celebration. Yeehaw!!!!!

I need to ask for directions to a Cheese Haus.