Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Between the Rain Showers

Let me relate a conversation I had with R yesterday.

R in a serious tone...."Do you know how to make a dishwasher into a snow plow?"


R...."Hand her a snow shovel."

The squirrel whisperer is now in the dog house.

Let's revisit the list....

Start removing the remaining old cedar shingles off the front of the house. We gave up on stripping because it was a slow process and in the end the shingles were still old and brittle. A significant portion of the front has already been replaced so it seemed logical to have all new shingles. Plus in the end....reshingling is easier and more pleasant than stripping paint off cedar shingles. NOT YET STARTED but now have all the shingles removed from the bottom half of the north end.

Continue with the fence painting. The weather has been so hot that the paint would dry before I could brush it out. COMPLETED FOR NOW just chain link left to paint.

Continue with the edging of the lilac border. COMPLETED

Continue with the brush removal along the fence line. COMPLETED

Sand the trim on the front of the house. NOT COMPLETED

Spray Round Up on vegetation along the back fence row. Scratch's too windy. I used Round Up on the front and side yard, still need to do the back.

Finish mulching around the Catalpa tree. COMPLETED

R repaired two more damaged areas in the asphalt driveway yesterday while I used Round Up on the weeds in the lilac border. I also sprayed Weed Be Gone on the grass between the fence and the street. This area was a total disaster area when we purchased the house. We slowly have gotten it to the point where it is presentable. Nearly all the weeds are gone, the curb is edged, and the brush has been removed leaving just large trees and lilac bushes.

Today, in between the rain, I stripped old paint from around the sun room exterior doors and the two windows on the north side. I also stripped the door stop (3 pieces) that I removed when we removed the threshold. I am just about at the 50% point of paint removal in this part of the project.

R trimmed the threshold we removed where the new french doors will go and repaired a rotted area on one end. We also took some measurements and decided how we would make the opening 1 inch narrower to accommodate the doors that we bought. Tomorrow we will cut those pieces and trim the height of the new doors.

Maybe by tomorrow R will be out of the dog house but I doubt it. I called him to dinner tonight and before he sat down he took a Nexium. I told him it is never a good idea to let the cook see you take an antacid before you sit down.