Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sun Room Exterior Work Continues

By mid afternoon the clouds had thinned and the sun finally came out. We continued where we had left off. Me.....stripping paint from the windows and trim AND R......patching damaged asphalt.

Here is a 'before' photo.Here is an 'in progress' photo.
You will notice that when this was built they did not use tar paper under the cedar shingles. We will correct that before we hang the new shingles.

Here is a photo of R's current asphalt patch 'in progress'. He first dug out all the broken asphalt and dirt. He then filled the crack with cold patch and allow that to set for several days to harden. He then partially filled the crack with a trowel able product that he will let set for several days to harden. When that is firm he will trowel on one more thin layer to make the patch level with the existing driveway. The wheel is placed there so no one will drive over it.
He is also working on the area where the porch walkway and asphalt meet. A portion of asphalt was missing creating a trip hazard. R used the same steps he used to fix the crack across the driveway.

You might be able to see masking tape on the side walk. He masked off the side walk so that it is protected from drips or splatters of the mixture he trowels on the asphalt. He will pull it off immediately after troweling the last layer.