Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're making slow progress because...

We're making slow progress because it's always something. First it rains. We then ran out of the asphalt product you trowel on to fill large voids that are too small for cold patch. Then the squirrel died.

I guess I should back track a little. Sunday while we were working in the yard we heard a lot of squirrel chatter coming from the large black walnut tree. We didn't think much about it until the next day when I found a week old squirrel dead under the tree. I then found it's sibling crawling across the driveway.

I called R and he put on a pair of gloves and picked him (I have no idea whether it was a boy or girl) up. For some reason R determined he was cold and wrapped him up in the bottom portion of him t shirt and held him next to his stomach. He continued to do this while we picked up the tools. I wish I would have taken a photo of R walking around with what looked like a fanny pack with a 3 inch squirrel tail hanging out of it.

Throughout the evening the squirrel whisperer fed the baby squirrel warm milk with an eye dropper. To keep the little critter warm he put a heating pad in one of the kitty carriers along with an old towel. When we woke up this morning the squirrel was doing better, the cats were not. One look at the kitty carrier and they hid because they thought they were going to the vet.

R tried to find a rescue place but we were unable to find anywhere to take him. So the squirrel whisperer fed the squirrel again and then continued to fix the asphalt driveway out by the street. He soon ran out of the troweling product but before going and getting more the squirrel whisperer fed the squirrel again. We decided to go get a coney at The Hot Dog Stand since it was coney day and then go to Home Depot for some more driveway patch.

Long story short.....the squirrel died while we ate coneys and this is why we never get anything accomplished.

Both babies squirrels were laid to rest by the catalpa tree.

Let's review the list...

Start removing the remaining old cedar shingles off the front of the house. We gave up on stripping because it was a slow process and in the end the shingles were still old and brittle. A significant portion of the front has already been replaced so it seemed logical to have all new shingles. Plus in the end....reshingling is easier and more pleasant than stripping paint off cedar shingles. NOT YET STARTED but did start removing shingles from north end of house.

Continue with the fence painting. The weather has been so hot that the paint would dry before I could brush it out. COMPLETED FOR NOW

Continue with the edging of the lilac border. COMPLETED

Continue with the brush removal along the fence line. COMPLETED

Sand the trim on the front of the house. NOT COMPLETED

Spray Round Up on vegetation along the back fence row. Scratch that...it's too windy. NOT COMPLETED where is all this wind coming from? Don't say the sky, either.

Finish mulching around the Catalpa tree. COMPLETED

Bar anymore squirrel emergencies we hope to get back to removing shingles and installing the new doors in the sun room.