Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sun Room Windows Reinstalled

Today we reinstalled the windows in the front of the sun room. Those particular windows were in dire straits when we bought the house. Many layers of paint were essentially holding the casement windows together.

I began repairing the casement windows once they were removed from the openings. Moisture had rotted the bottoms of most of them and all were loose at all their joints. Thanks to epoxy and Gorilla glue they were made whole again.

The window panes were also removed so that I could remove the old harden glazing compound. It was a real pain to reinstall the panes....pardon the pun. I decided to wait until the windows were reinstalled to glaze them because I did not want to lean over them to do the glazing. It is much easier to stand in front of the window and look straight on than leaned over them looking down. Makes my neck hurt just to think about it.
These are the hinges we installed on the sun room windows.
The sun is finally shining on this Sunday's sun room project! Time to clean those windows.
Windows are washed and ready for glazing. Notice the difference between this after photo and...
the before photo? In the before photo the casement windows were not trimmed out to match the windows in the rest of the house. This also draws attention to the fact that they installed a smaller window on the left side instead of placing the smaller window in the middle.