Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Tool

Due to the extremely strong winds we have had this week we were forced indoors. We were pleased that all of our tree trimming resulted in very few downed branches. Actually, I have picked up just a handful of large twigs when in the past, a storm like that would have left behind a two hour job of picking up and cutting up dead branches.

Unfortunately during our tree trimming this summer we encountered two large broken branches that we could not reach. We were sure that they would have fallen by now because they are just dangling there, moving with the slightest breeze. But even the windstorm of the century could not budge them. I guess next spring I will have to hire a tree trimmer with a cherry picker to remove them.

In the meantime, I've been busy stripping the paint off the french doors and matching storm doors that we purchased just before Christmas of last year. R spent this week working on the windows.

Some of the windows were missing one or both of the hook and eyes that keep the storm windows tight in the opening or missing sash locks. Another storm window needed to be removed because one of the bottom corners was rotted and needed repairing. That storm window was of course in a second story window and the wind was blowing a steady 35 mph with gusts that would almost knock you down.

This predicament reminded us of an episode of Two and a Half Men where Charlie's satellite dish needs repositioning and he says "I'll call 'the guy' to do that on Monday." Alan then replies that you don't need to call 'the guy' and that he can do it. Of course it is all down hill after that. Whenever Alan tried explaining how he came to be in a neck brace, he was always met with "why didn't you call 'the guy'?"

I say that little phrase a lot around 'The Gear' and R always replies "I am 'the guy' ". Long story short.....he didn't fall, the window is fixed, and his bird can still fly (you have to view the video clip to understand about the bird). If R's bird couldn't fly, he couldn't drive!

Oh that's right.....the new tool. Well, as I have mentioned in previous posts, we need to trim down the width of the window jambs in the sun room so that we can trim them out to match the rest of the house. The windows in the front of the sun room required new jambs because they were rotted but these windows have jambs in perfect condition. So we are trying a new oscillating saw or in this case it is called a multifunction tool.These tools range in price from affordable to down right stupid expensive. We have no idea exactly how many times we will use this tool or whether this tool will even work for the reason we purchased I went with the next to to least expensive. I could have save 10 bucks but that one came without any attachments which when priced out came to around 25 bucks. I could have spent 10 more dollars and bought the same one with a carrying case.

Price? $59.99 at Harbor Freight. The tool comes with two different cutting blades, scraper, sanding attachment, and replacement brushes for the electric motor. This tool also came in a pneumatic version which I believe R would have preferred but I figured we would probably use this tool inside the house and the air compressor is sooooo loud so the electric version won.Keep your fingers crossed that this tool does the job for which it was purchased. I am getting antsy to finish shingling the north side of the sun room plus snow flakes will soon be here. Brrr.