Saturday, July 2, 2011

On to the Next Big Project

The last few weeks have been very busy since B's birthday party. The day after her birthday bash we started demolition of a 2 car garage. The garage was not ours but did have the correct clapboards that we need to repair our barn. The garage was built with 2X4, 2X6, and some 1X planking that we can use to make more tomato cages and to frame an area where we will remove 3 windows and shingle it as it was in the past.

Garage demo took approximately 1 week. We worked about 4 hours a day before our arms and wrists screamed "No more!" We brought the lumber home and then removed the nails and cut off any bad portions of wood. I cannot believe all the nails that we removed.After the big demo job we felt that we were on a roll and decided to rebuild the deck. This wasn't an unseen problem/project but the time felt right. This photo shows the deck after we started disassembling portions that we didn't like so we could start to rebuild it.Today was a no progress day because it was just too hot. At 90+ degrees compounded by the black asphalt that we needed to stand on AND the the fact that the deck is on the south side made it was a no brainer to go back inside with the AC.