Sunday, April 8, 2012

On Deck

We're getting there.

One more day and we will have the back part of the deck complete.  I think we might have finished the back today but we ran out of lumber.  We need two more 2 X 8's.  Well, actually we need one more and we need to exchange a 2 X 8 that we already have in our possession.

All the boards today were purchased from the same batch.  They were all fairly close in size but one board was thinner and 1/4 of an inch wider.  These boards needs to be very very close in size because they form the top of the railing.  It's a long run and will be very visible if the boards do not match up.  There is only so much sanding you can do to make the boards seem seamless. 
The boards are joined together but we haven't screw them down yet....just in case we need to make a slight adjustment.  Better safe than sorry.
R and I are getting to the point where we want to move on to another project.  We were trying to decide when we started this deck redo and all we could come up with was that it was HOT outside and almost 100 degrees.  I could look back in the blog and check but I think it's a good chance it was the last of June or beginning of July.
I am still bringing out wrought iron furniture.  I completely forgot about these little nesting tables that I bought on eBay many moons ago.  They came sans their tops.  Good for less shipping costs, bad for now I have to figure out what I am going to put in there.  I'm thinking that possibly I can purchase two very large 16 X 16 inch ceramic tile and then cut them down to fit.  Originally, I believe there was glass in these tables because whatever was there was thin.  So that leaves out buying granite, slate, etc. I also do not want glass and tempered glass is also expensive.  I am looking for a cheap inexpensive solution.
As you can see, the furniture does not match.  I have white, black, avocado, tan, and even red.  This is what happens when you assemble the set over 5 years and from various points on the map. It is all Woodard except for a few items like these tables and another small table.  We are still debating whether we will paint the furniture black or white.  I like white but it shows every little paint chip and rust spot.  Black is more forgiving plus it would match the other black iron ornamentation on the house.

We are holding steady to our projected last deck board installation (on the main deck) coming on Thursday.  But don't hold your breath. Then there is the long stairway on the back of the deck that needs to be rebuilt.  Will we ever get done?