Sunday, September 29, 2013

Second Tree Down

The second dead ash tree came down without anyone getting poked in the eye.

This is the area where we needed to drop the tree.  Right between the plum tree and a smaller black walnut.


R already has the trunk of the tree cut up but the small branches and twigs still need to be picked up.  I moved to the back yard to continue painting on the shed once the tree was down on the ground.

I needed to finish priming the shingles.  The shingles in the very tip of the peak and around the louver vent still needs some more sanding and scraping.  I'll probably haul out the oscillating saw and use the sander attachment to get into the small spots that R's large sander couldn't reach.

But in an effort to get something done today, I decided to prime what I could and then start painting the grey color.
Before I started painting I picked up the tarp that caught all the paint chips.  Underneath the trap was a little black salamander. I ran to get the camera but the little scalawag was gone by the time I returned.  So I found a photo online and sure enough he or she is a blue spotted black salamander who's habitat includes Michigan.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) so I probably won't paint but we will try and get the small branches and twigs picked up.  If it is actively raining, I will continue to strip paint off the walls in the recessed bookshelf areas of the living room.

According to the extended forecast and we know that they are always correct.......the next week is suppose to be very nice.  I know those good days are few and far between so we are trying our best to get as much outside work completed before the snow falls.