Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another dead tree and more painting

Sunday was a rainy day so I scraped more paint off the walls while R worked on fixing his chainsaw on a stick.  It really didn't rain on Sunday.  It was more like a constant mist.

Today we cut down yet another dead ash tree.  There are now 4 large stacks of logs.  Earlier this year I listed wood for free on Craigslist.  A fellow that picked up wood last year also picked up more wood in the spring.  BUT....he's been dragging his feet on picking up the last of the wood.  I know it's not a fun thing to do but the wood is in the way.  He's promising that Friday is the day he will show up. Fingers crossed.

I painted a little more today and can't go any further until the peak is sanded.  So tomorrow the plan is to finish that side of the shed.  No matter what.

Then we just have the front to finish.  These should help make the front more appealing.

I was given 6 of these doors FREE.  They are in perfect condition and barely used.  We will install these together so that when both doors are open the opening is 72 inches wide.  That should accommodate any lawnmower or lawn equipment that we wish to store in here.