Thursday, February 6, 2014

A new look

I'm hoping that my fresh new blog look will help to get my mind off this "oh so crappy" weather.  I swear when it hits 30 degrees it will feel like a tropical heat wave.

R has been spending all his time either shoveling or using the snow blower.  The snow is piled so high on each side of the driveway that it is starting to really interfere with seeing oncoming cars.  On top of the vast amounts of snow that we have been getting, we have also been hit with a double whammy of at least single digits at night.  I don't even want to think about my utility bill.  The horror!!!!!

I'm so hoping that once it starts to warm up that we don't have any relapses back to cold weather.  R and I have so many limbs to pick up and cut up that it will takes us at least a couple of weeks.  That's not including the trimming of the rose bushes and fruit trees.  My rose bushes should have been trimmed back this past fall but I was kind of busy with the garden shed.  Now they look like they are all bent over and broke.

We will also need to call in a tree trimmer to cut all the broken branches out of the tops of our trees.  All the trees except the black walnuts have limbs damage high up in the trees.  We've talked about having the tree trimmer thin out the canopies to aid in shaping and small limb damage when we have storms.

We really thought we were getting a handle on the trees when we cut down those big trees this summer.  I thought maybe we wouldn't have to spend half a day picking up broken limbs and twigs if we cut down those trees.  I had no idea we would get hit with a huge ice storm followed by months of endless snow.