Sunday, February 16, 2014

3 hours of sanding the window sills

I really wish I could write about something else but unfortunately we cannot move forward on another project until this paint removal in the living room is completed.

Yesterday, while I toiled away at the paint in the recessed alcove in the living room, R spent 3 hours sanding caulk off of the window sill.  I can only guess why it was slathered on the window sill but my thinking is that the paint was heavily chipped and peelie so rather than sand or fill with dry wall compound as they did on the walls, they used the caulk left over from over caulking the trim.  I tried my best to get the majority of the caulk previously, with a heat gun, when I had removed the paint from the window frame.  Some caulk remained so R spent three full hours using the pneumatic orbital sander and 40 grit sand paper to remove the last bit of caulky residue.

Three hours might seem like a long time but R spent 3 hours today sanding that small area under the window that was filled in with dry wall compound.  Once he had removed the majority of the drywall compound, he came back and used a stiff wire bristle brush to remove the last tiny bits from the textured plaster.  The walls are heavily textured and the last thing we want are areas of smooth wall.

Tomorrow should be interesting because R needs to sand in the same corner where I am removing paint from the recessed alcove.  We might need to tag team it with each of us doing 30 minute segments. I'll be working the wall area by the crown and R will be sanding the area by the floor trim up to the top of the cabinets.

Today in weather news......we actually saw the sun.....all day.  The temperature was only 18 degrees today but because of the sun and lack of wind it felt like a tropical paradise.  I even saw a guy in the parking lot of the grocery store with shorts on.  Of course, he still had on boots to trudge through the snow and slop in the parking lot but nothing was going to stop his faux spring time moment.