Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I guess I haven't had enough......

.....of paint scraping.  I didn't plan to scrape paint today or this week or even anytime soon but here I was today, scraping away.

R started installing bead board paneling on the remaining areas of the kitchen ceiling.  This left me having to be available to hold or hand him stuff when needed.  I swept and dusted until I realized that I could start paint scraping in the staircase area while still being close enough to answer the call to hand R his air nailer or tape measure.

One good thing about scraping paint in the staircase is that I can sit or stand while I scrape.  That standing on a ladder gets old real fast.  I noticed right away that this area does not have as many layers of paint as the living room had on it's walls.  I also found that the staircase walls had been painted a lighter gold color than the gold color in the living room and the dark green layer was missing.  The staircase has one window and it is on the north side of the house so natural light is not plentiful.  My plan was to paint the staircase walls in a lighter shade of the living room/dining room color, so this just reaffirmed that decision.
On the weather front.......it's still cold and getting colder.