Sunday, June 8, 2014

A little of this and that

This past week has been very busy.

First of all, R's S10 truck died.  Yup, just two weeks ago he was hauling river rock in that truck.  We knew the end was coming.  The truck looked bad.  R had hit a deer with it and it was beginning to rust but it was a good little truck.  It's hauled it's fair share of demo to the dump and countless building supplies but at over 458K miles it gave it's all and we are greatful.  A moment of silence for the 2000 Chevy S10 with over 458K miles on.  It was a good truck.

After the truck fiasco we hauled the 1982 S10 out of storage.  1982!!!!  Yes, a 1982 but not any 1982 S10 it has been modified.  Oh yeah.  Chevy small block, radical cam, and dual exhaust.  Sounds sweeeeeeeeet. But the reason it has been in storage is that it is far too easy to get a speeding ticket with this bright red truck. It's been on the road 5 days and R has already had two people try to race him. So needless to say I am on the lookout for a good work truck.

We are done with three of the rose beds and halfway through another one.  Then it's just the Nearly Wild pink roses out by the pillars and gate and the 5 climbing roses on the fence.

Of course we also had to mow the lawn.

AND we also had to put a roof on the rental house.  We didn't physically put the roof on but R managed the project and the supplies.  The roof is complete but we still need to reinstall the siding on the fascia and install new eave troughs and downspouts.

My cousin, Judy, stopped by the other day. She said she was stalking...LOL.  Well, she happened to mention our favorite consignment shop so of course I had to go there the next day and purchase a couple of things.
I love this black batter bowl and of course I need cool storage jars for my open shelves.

On Tuesday I drove to Goodwill to pick up several items I purchased on ShopGoodwill   I probably shouldn't divulge this little tidbit but promise me you won't tell anyone else. I have purchased some killer deals on there.  ShopGoodwill is an auction site just like eBay.

I purchased a wall clock for the kitchen and a vintage desk lamp for the kitchen desk.  The wall clock is ready to go but the vintage lamp needs cleaning.  The lamp had multiple stickers that have left residue and there are some brass highlights that are tarnished and I haven't decided if I want to polish them or leave them tarnished.
 I just hung the clock here to take a photo.
 The photo below is of the lamp with some of the stickers already removed.
 We will rewire just to be safe but I think it will look way cool....especially for 6 bucks.
 Here is the brass detail that I don't know if I want to leave tarnished or polish it.
Tomorrow's forecast is for rain in the morning.  I really want to knock out the rose bed tomorrow because this coming week I have two doctor appointments and a dentist appointment.