Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thorns and Thrifting

We're still cutting back rosebushes when it isn't raining.  Today we finished another rose bed and now have just the roses by the pillars and gate.  Maybe 16 rosebushes max.  But unfortunately they are a variety called Nearly Wild and their thorns are vicious.

I have stepped on thorns so large that today one went right through the bottom of my flip flop and poked the bottom of my foot.  There are also about 4 very tiny thorns in my fingers that are just driving me crazy.  I've tried and tried to get them out but haven't had any luck.

We've also been working on the secret shed project.  I was going to spray paint today but the wind was about 20 mph so that didn't happen.  We both think it is coming along nicely and all I need is one good weather day to spray paint and we can call it quits on the shed......until we landscape in the fall.

I've also done some more thrifting.  The first item is an aluminum vase for cut flowers.  It's very plain but at the top it has lettering that says Tulipdaffoldilrosepanseydaisy around the top edge of the vase. It was cute and at only 8 bucks I couldn't resist.

I also purchased a 16X20 oil painting in a frame.  I love it but I knew R wouldn't be thrilled with it.  We have totally different taste when it comes to art.  When I showed it to him, he took one look and said "where's the rest of her?"  You see....the painting is of a ladies hand with a black fan in her lap.  I love the kimono that she is wearing plus I can't resist red, orange, and a hint of pink.

Several hours later R says to me, "I was looking at that painting you bought and I kind of like it."

I've also been busy with a dentist appointment and two doctor appointments in one day.  Here's the run down.  No cavities.....yea!!!!  Ankle is healed.  Doctor said it has healed about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Must have been all that splint wearing and resting of my ankle.....LOL.  Didn't do either.  Second doctor appointment.  All is well or at least the same.