Friday, November 14, 2014

New Door Bell Button

The polar vortex has arrived.  It was so bitterly cold today that what should have been an hour job took us over three hours to finish.  My fingers were so numb I could hardly hold on the the large square head screws that hold the iron straps in place.

After looking at the long range forecast we decided to just reinstall the iron straps on the door and forget about priming the door this year.  We also installed the door bell button and the door knocker. Now that it gets dark by 530pm I could only get a photo of the front entry because I had to use the flash on my camera.

Tomorrow I need to cut some greens to make wreaths.  My sister suggested adding stag horn fern seed heads to add some color, so I will need to cut those as well.  I was at Michael's last night and purchased a small square wreath frame.  I am hoping that if I rotate it 45 degrees I can make a diamond shape wreath to hang around the diamond shape window on the front door.