Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unexpected Moola and Solar Lights

Moola, payola, bucks, or cold cash is always good whether expected or not.  But a while back I had to go into the bank (I'm a drive thru gal) and talk with someone about my debit card and also deposit a check from Ebates.

While I was taking care of business with a personal banker, they informed me that I had over $180 in rewards and how did I want them rewarded, cash or deposit?  I asked if I could "let it ride"....LOL Good thing I didn't add "on red 7".  She said "no" because they no longer offer rewards on debit cards.  So I had her deposit the money in my account along with my Ebates check.
Now the Ebates check was free money, too.  I've spoke about Ebates before but with the gift giving holidays fast approaching, now is the time to sign up for Ebates.  It's free and gives you % back when you purchase online as long as you go to the desire website directly from the Ebates site.

Here's an example.  I'm always looking on eBay for vintage items for the house.  The other day I found a black iron thumb latch door handle on eBay.  It was a Buy it Now item so I added it to my watch list.  I then went to Ebates and clicked on the list of stores, then clicked on eBay.  It opened a ticket for me, then transferred me to eBay where I then purchased the door handle.  Not only did I receive 5% back from Ebates but I also accumulated some eBay Bucks through their rewards program.  The percentage is different for each store and sometimes the % changes for eBay.

My bloggy friend mentored me on the art of "playing all the angles".  Yvonne and her husband even order online when they purchase items at Home Depot and then they pick the items up at the store and pay with a credit card that gives them rewards.  So they get double rewards.

So last night I ordered 3 solar lights on the Home Depot website.  First, I went to Ebates and clicked on stores, scrolled down to and clicked on Home Depot which opened a ticket and sent me to the Home Depot site.  I added the 3 solar lights to my cart and checked out after clicking on store pick up.  This will save me shipping cost.

The lights that I chose were quite inexpensive at $9.99 each.  The solar lights clamp onto your eave troughs and shine down which should provide enough to illuminate the kitchen door without costing a dime of electricity.  I'll let you know how they work after I install them.  Fingers crossed because it's a clever idea.
I also order online at Ace Hardware, pick up in store, and use my Ace Rewards card that gives you a $5.00 coupon for every $200 spent.  Recently I used a special coupon that they sent me for 20% off my entire purchase.  I've been wanting a LARGE metal mailbox and by using my coupon I saved $8.00.

With the gift giving season just around the corner, now is the time to sign up at Ebates.  It's free to register and they give you a choice of $10 gift cards.  When you sign up, make sure you download the toolbar widget thingy that prompts you when you happen to go to a website that is on the Ebates list.

Do you buy toys?  Toys R Us is on the list and Toys R Us also has a perk program that gives you 5 bucks for every $125 you spend. Do you travel and use Travelocity?  It's on the list.  Home Depot, Lowe's, Macy's, and Lumber Liquidator's are just a few.  Pretty much all the major stores and even some obscure stores.

When you sign up please use this link, I will get credit and you will get the gift card.  You in turn can get your friends to sign up and you will get credit and they get a free gift card.  Your Ebates Fat Check will be sent out quarterly.

FYI while at the bank they informed me that I should switch from using a debit card and go back to a credit card so that I can get rewards.  I also found out that you have more protection coverage if your card is hacked and used illegally.  A debit card can sometimes only cover up to $500 dollars and the credit card company requires that you contact them within a short amount of time. I forgot what she said because I was thinking about how I was going to spend my free money.