Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kitties Hard at Work

Sasha sitting in the top of a pine tree and making the Blue Jays angry.  
 Patches is sitting in the Mulberry tree watching the birds (orioles, robins, and jays) eat mulberries.
Patches says the view is just as good from down here.
 Morrie thinks there is a toad behind this downspout.
Elvis sitting on the wood pile looking for mice.  He just looks.  When it comes to mousing.....he'd rather take a nap.
No birds were hurt or killed.  Two days ago a Blue Jay chased Morrie down the driveway.  Morrie was just walking by when a Blue Jay decided to take it's frustration out on Morrie.  The birds actually are the dominate ones when it comes to our yard.  The cats do a lot of bird watching and napping.

This year has been a stellar bird year so far.  Lots and lots of Baltimore Orioles.  They have been very very active in the mulberry trees and the wild black raspberry patches.

Lots of woodpeckers and flickers.  I read last year that the woodpeckers had discovered the emerald ash borer......yippee.

And while we are talking about flying critters, we can't forget about the skeeters.  OH MY GOSH they are huge and they are everywhere.  We normally do not have mosquitoes because they spray in our township BUT due to the near constant rain we have experienced lately the skeeters have hatched and they are hungry.  I might be a pint low because of mosquito bites.

We have been busy mowing and finally got caught up but not before we had to do a little maintenance on my riding mower.  We needed to R&R a fuel filter, clean the air filter, and sand blast the electrode on the spark plug.  It's back to running like a top.

We are so happy with the zero turn mower purchase.  If I use the regular riding mower and R uses the zero turn mower and we mow at the same time, we can mow all the lawn in a little under 3 hours.  It used to take us about 5 hours and lately we have to mow twice a week just to keep up.