Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Wild Black Raspberry Patch

Nine years ago when we purchased this house, there was a tiny tiny patch of wild black raspberries. We were thrilled, but the berries were tiny tiny tiny and there were very very few of them.  Over the years we have babied this patch along and this year we have reaped the benefits of our hard work and patience.

The berries are huge for wild raspberries AND there are a lot of them. I picked half a bowl of raspberries without even moving from my original position.  I would have picked more but the berries were not the only things that are bigger than normal.  The mosquitoes were biting and swarming and I didn't have enough hands to hold the bowl, pick the berries, and swat the skeeters off my arms, legs, and face.  So score one for the mosquitoes.

Mosquitos 1 Berry Picker 0 
I'll be back to even the score because I see at least 3 weeks more of good berry picking.