Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Rocking Body

I bet you thought it was a photo of Sofia Vergara.  Nope, it is my metal flamingo with a rock for it's body.  I guess I should start from the beginning and explain.

It was probably 8 years ago that I purchased a metal pink flamingo with a gazing globe for a body.  I immediately spray painted the flamingo in oil rubbed bronze spray paint because my house was trimmed in dark brown.  Then we moved and the flamingo was spray painted satin black.

The very first year we had a storm and a branch fell on the flamingo.  The flamingo survived but the globe did not.  Since that time she has been empty.  I decided to give her a new coat of paint while I was on a spray painting spree.

Then I had an idea.  A friend of mine finds those Christmas decorations that are metal deer with lights on them.  She removes the lights and spray paints them brown,  Next she fills the body, legs, neck, and head with rocks.  Because of the weight she needs to hammer long rods into the ground to hold the deer upright.  She currently has 4 deer behind her up north cottage.  It looks really cute,

So that gave me the idea to use a large round stone for the body.  I didn't find a round stone in the rock pile but I did find a pink granite stone which I thought would be perfect for a flamingo.  The rock doesn't photograph pink but it is pink.

I put the rock in place and pushed the flamingo into the dirt.  In the time it took me to go get my camera, my flamingo did a beak dive into my zinnia plants.  I had just weeded and the dirt was kind of loose so I repositioned Ms. Flamingo and took her photo.

We'll see if she is still standing tomorrow.  If not....then I'll have to remove her rocking body.