Thursday, November 17, 2016

Deck Step and Shingle Update

The weather has been very cooperative and we should be farther along but we had a feline problem that we needed to stop and deal with right away.  We have over the course of the last three years found homes for or taken feral cats to a rescue home for what has now become 31 cats.

During the summer we had a cute little grey cat show up at our other house.  We nicknamed her Little Bit and worked on socializing her.  She comes to her name, talks to us, but stays about one foot away all time.  I told R one day that she looked thinner.  He agreed but we didn't think she had kittens because she just wasn't that big.  About 6 weeks later she shows up with two little orange kittens.  Little Bit is slate grey and black but we've seen the daddy a couple of times.  He's a big big orange male who just sits on the edge of our property and looks at us.

Last week R saw one of the kittens across the street where two people were trying to catch it.  He spoke with them later on and they did indeed have the kitten.  He explained the deal and they said they would find it a home.  At this point we knew we needed to nab the other kitten before it tried to cross the road or become coyote food.

Three days later the kitten actually went into the large cage we had set up with a blanket and food.  R closed the door and we were relieved, but now what?  We transferred the large cage to the garage and over the next three days we worked on touching it (we think it is a male), litter training (no problem at all), and making sure it calm around people.

We just didn't have time to find it a home so we took it to a local no kill rescue that we had worked with before.  We gave them a $100 donation and 6 bags of kitty litter and they were thrilled.  The lady told R that the kitten was super cute and it would be absolutely no problem to find it a home.  Yea!!!!

But we still need to catch Little Bit before she get pregnant again.  There is also another cat about the same size as Little Bit that is all black but a little more stand offish.  We think they were litter mates.  So that will be two more cats to find homes for or two more donations.

Long story short....we didn't get much done on Monday.  But we had two good days and made some progress.  I might even try to do a little priming tomorrow and painting on Friday.
The step is complete.  We love how it is deep enough that you don't have to break your stride at all when stepping up and walking through the patio doors.

Tomorrow is our final mowing day of the year.  R can use the zero turn on the rental house and our house, so I can paint while he mows.  I normally mow our house with the traditional lawn tractor but painting is a priority right now.

Today I repainted a metal wreath that I purchased for my mother about 20 years ago.  It was from the Neiman Marcus's catalog.  I loved it because it was different.  The wreath is made out of metal banding.  Originally it was rusty metal but my mother spray painted it in a high gloss black.  Today I sprayed it in a satin black.  I like the satin look better but it was hard to tell the difference in the photos.
Before in gloss black
After in black satin
I also spray painted a decorative bracket that was in my mother's stash.  I don't really recall where she ever used this but I knew right away where I could use it and what I could hang from it.  I have 4 large lanterns hanging on my big trees along my driveway.  They are solar with LED bulbs.  The lantern has what appears to be a pillar candle and the bulb in the candle flickers.  For added brightness there are two LED bulbs in the canopy which have a mirrored finish to reflect more light.  It's amazing how realistic they look.
3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern
The lanterns I have on the trees are 24 inches high.  I figured that would be too big for the bracket and the location but I tried it anyways.  Yup....too big.  The next size that is offered is 14 inches high and that will be perfect.  

The tall lanterns came from Home Depot and eBay.  The 14 inch tall one was ordered today from eBay for $20.82 plus I will receive 5% back from Ebates and they offered free shipping!!!.  

BTW I just received a cash back quarterly check for $49.84,  Ebates has now upgraded their cash back to include cash back when you purchase instore at certain stores.  You link your credit card to the Ebates site and click on any offer that you might use.  I have a feeling that more stores will offer this in the future so you should have a larger choice as time goes on.

You can sign up for Ebates HERE.  You get $10 once you spend $20 online using Ebates.  They send out checks quarterly.  

To help you remember to activate Ebates before you make a purchase just download the Ebates button to your toolbar and it will prompt you when you go to a site that gives cash back.  I have found that 75% of the sites that I go to offer cash back through Ebates.  eBay, Etsy, Lowes, Macy's, Target, Payless, Toys R Us, are a few of the online stores that offer rebates on Ebates. I have so far received back over $522.00!!!!!

Our cat, Elvis, loves sitting on the bundles of shingles.  Whenever another cat tried to sit on either bundle he swatted at them to go away.
 His sister, Patches, had patience and the minute that Elvis was distracted by a bird on the bird feeder, she copped a flop and hunkered down.
Reuse Repurpose Recycle

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