Thursday, November 10, 2016

Game Room Windows

We have moved on to the game room exterior.  The old inappropriate windows were removed and replaced with the same restoration windows that we installed in the kitchen.

The window opening on the right was already there but the window on the left required making an opening and framing it out.  The hardest part was making sure the opening was the same distance from the door and the same elevation as the opening on the right.
Yesterday we started the shingle installation.  But before we started hanging shingles we nailed a roll of aluminum flashing under the tar paper at the area where the exterior wall meets the deck.  We decided to add the flashing because snow piles up against the shingles in the winter and we wanted to make sure that moisture doesn't wick through to the interior wall and insulation.
I am always surprised how much better the windows look with shingles around them.
We already have the two exterior lights that go on each side of the patio doors.  We also have vintage French doors to replace the ugliest sliding doors on the planet.  

Tomorrow we will build the step in front of the patio door.  It's going to be big because I have two 20x20 square planters that I planted with Alberta spruces years ago and I want them to sit on the step.  The reason we have to build the step before we move on is because the step will need to be screwed to the sheathing and then we will shingle around the step.
Elvis says he "loves to nap on steps" especially if he can be in the way.

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