Monday, November 14, 2016

Step Up! Installing a patio door step

Over the last two days we have been working on the step in front of the patio door.  I swear sometimes the smaller projects take just as long as the big ones.

As I mentioned previously, I wanted a step that went across the entire patio door plus an additional 23 to 25 inches on each side.  I also wanted a deep step so that when going into and out of the game room that your stride wouldn't need to slow to make sure that your foot landed on say a 10 inch deep step. I'm a tripper by nature so I think I am more aware of such things.
It was kind of trial and error to get the right set up.  The length of the step was determined by the size of the planters plus the width of the door.  The depth of the step was another matter.  It was like Goldie Locks and the three bears.......not too shallow and not too deep....but jusssssst right.  I played around with some scrap pieces and walked in and out of the patio door probably at least 20 times.

I then put my figures to paper and scoured our scrap pile and our good lumber pile and found the boards I needed for the frame work.  While I did this, R finished installing the remaining flashing.
Yesterday we assembled the frame.  Today we had to determine how we would build the tread.  We have already purchased a stack of pressure treated 2X10s 12 feet long for another project so they were readily available.  We went with 2X10s.  Except 2 wasn't enough and 3 were too many.  We could have ripped down one of the 2X10s but they are rather pricey to waste one by ripping it to a narrower width.

So off to the big box store we went to get one 2X6.  5 miles away and the entire trip took 2 hours.  I made the mistake about asking the garden section if they had any anti desiccant for spraying on evergreens to protect them from wind damaging the plant by drying it out during the winter.  There were three of them and they all basically went....DUH.  They went to the store computer and it said they had Wilt Pruf in stock but no one had heard of it, knew what it was for, and didn't know where it was in the store.  We left and later on I went to my local Ace Hardware where they knew what it was and had it in stock.
By the time we arrived home and cut the boards to length it was 410PM and starting to get dark.  This time zone change really puts a cramp on getting a lot done.  The extended forecast is for warm enough weather on Thursday and Friday to paint.  So fingers crossed that we are at a point where I can paint on Thursday and Friday. 

Tomorrow we will screw everything in place and start installing more shingles.  I really enjoy this stage of projects where the progress is very apparent and changes daily. If only all days were like that. 
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