Monday, May 28, 2018

Working on the Projects

It was a hot one today.  We basically went from temps in the 50's to the 90's.  The lilac bushes were about 3 weeks behind and due to the high temps they came and went pretty fast.  I did get a few photographs but photographs can't give you the olfactory experience that lilacs have to offer.  

The June 21st deadline project is where we concentrated our efforts today.  We biscuit joined the boards but first we cut each one at 40 7/8 inches.  This measurement will make the "project" 40 7/8" X 40 7/8 inches.  We left the boards clamped to the saw horses and then I placed my bay leaf plant on top of an old piece of vintage pink laminate to weigh it down.  I could have used a cement block but it was just too hot to walk to the cement block pile so I grabbed the closest thing I had and that was my bay leaf plant.

After we ate lunch I gathered pieces for tomorrow's concrete pour.  Of course R reminded me that I wanted to throw out a couple of those pieces during one of my cleaning frenzies.  My goal with the #Quikrete One Bag Wonder contest is to only buy the bag of concrete and one other piece necessary for my design.  All the remaining pieces are items we have in our stash or are items we have but will be used in another fashion.   

Speaking of stash.....R saw me going through the 1 X scrap lumber pile and he gets all upset thinking that I am wasting wood that he has so lovingly saved. He doesn't like the thought that the scrap pile went from 25% of the room to a very small stacked pile.  The picking is getting slim but I found enough boards to make the other project which will go on the back of the house once the shingles are hung and painted.

I am really excited and anxious about the barn wall project because it is so different than the projects that other bloggers are doing right now.  The Quikrete project is equally exciting because it falls right into our ethos of reuse, repurpose, recycle, and we always try to use materials that can be repaired or materials that will last for years such as concrete.  We try never to invest big money in plastic items like patio furniture.  As you might know we stick with vintage wrought iron furniture rather than plastic furniture that fades, gets brittle, and then breaks. 

On the agenda for the rest of the week, make my concrete project for #Quikrete One Bag Wonder contest, finish building the barn wall project and then paint it, strip the paint off the pieces of scrap lumber, that I found today, and then sand them.  I also need to finish weeding around the garden shed.  I have 3 sides done but I left the weediest side for last.  I also  need to mow yet again.  I know this sounds like I am exaggerating but some areas of our lawn are getting mowed every 3 days.  You might have noticed in the fence repair post at how long the grass was in those photos.  That was 3 days growth.  

We also need to add the extra floor joists under the deck.  We added extra joists and hangers to 2/3rds of the deck already.  That really stiffened everything up.  We've had the wood since last fall so it is just a matter of cutting to length and adding the hangers.

  If it stays hot outside this is actually a good project to do because it is in the shade and somewhat below grade. The deck is elevated about 6 feet off the ground in that area so no crouching is involved.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

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