Sunday, September 16, 2018

Oh My...More Demo of Game Room Ceiling

Today's demo has revealed so many 'DO NOT DO THIS' moments if you are building a roof. 
This photo was taken from the outside looking through the window.

First let me recap just to refresh your memory.  R removed 4 layers of rubber membrane and 4 layers of Homosote from the roof only to reveal a layer of cedar shakes.  Once that layer of cedar shakes were removed, he found another layer of cedar shakes.
We removed the ship lap that was the sheathing for the roof and found that the original rafters were somewhat rotted and did not have enough slope to drain properly.  So someone had added more rafters but did not use hangers to attach to the house.  The lack of hangers and the weight of oh let me count, how many layers......10 layers of miscellaneous materials plus the sheathing caused the newer rafters to pull away from the house and sag at the house.  The sagging caused leaking and the leaking caused additional tar to be slathered EVERYWHERE.   This is textbook cluster.
The only good part is that we salvaged some of the rafters which are Douglas fir and true 2X4's which R loves to use to make studs out of when he repairs a wall.

I finally removed all the nails from the ship lap which is also fir and also removed nails from the salvageable old rafters that were removed.  My wrists are very sore and my right wrist makes a cracking noise when I move it.  Yes, I know.....don't move it.

Tomorrow we need to buy 11 ten foot long 2X6's and 11 joist hangers.  I also want to do a fall concrete project.  My final cost is unbelievably low thanks to a store rewards program and a sale.  Gotta love that!

Also today when I went to Panera to get a green iced tea they told me it was free because I use my Panera rewards card whenever I buy something.  So using those reward cards really do save you money.  

Ebates is another way to save actual cash when purchasing online.  Ebates will send you $$ quarterly in the form of a Big Fat Check.  So far I have saved $858.51 by using Ebates when I purchase online.  

Use this referral and I get a reward and you get $10 in the form of a gift card once you spend $20 while using Ebates.

Some of the stores available for savings at Ebates are eBay, Etsy, Lowes, and several thousand other stores.  Sign up now so that you are ready for your online holiday shopping.

I also use, the handy Ebates Cash Back Button found under Help, then click on More features, and finally click on Ebates Cash Button.  This puts a tiny E up in the top right corner of your screen (same area that the P for Pinterest is located at) and it will remind you when you are visiting a website that gives rebates using the Ebates program.  

And when you are not saving $money$ remember to 
Reuse Repurpose Recycle

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