Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Rooting Broken Sedum Stems

I have a lot of sedum planted around my yard.  The reason I use so much of it is because it is basically indestructible.  In some areas of my property I have clay.  That was one of the reasons I planted sedum Pure Joy under my platform bird feeder.
Actually all three of those plants are my go to plants.  They can handle the clay and the black walnut trees.  The sedum is a sturdy plant but it never fails that I break off a few little branches during the transplanting.
  But I have found that I can take those pieces and grow some more sedum.
First off remove any of the bottom leaves.   Next stick your index finger into dirt that has been loosened and free of any weeds etc.  
Now stick the sedum stem into the hole and back fill with dirt.  And finally water your newly planted stem.
You will need to keep your little sprigs watered so they do not dry out. It will take several years before you have a transplant able sedum plant and because of this I usually plant in an area that is in partial shade and out of the main view of the flower bed.  But I did start these in the area right below the bird feeder because I amended the soil and it will be easy to water.
Now I just have to be patience.

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