Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Double hung windows...let the fun begin

Over the last 3 or 4 months, I've read just about everything there is to read about double hung windows. I even bought a DVD, on double hung window repair, off of eBay. I now know just enough about double hung windows to be I guess it is time to start refurbishing THE DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS!!!!!!

Removing the sash stop wasn't too bad. Three little nails and poof they were out all in one piece. Even the bottom sash came out fairly easy, once I was able to cut the proverbial cord. Holy cow. I don't see how a sash cord could ever possibly break, especially once it is encased in a bazillion layers of oil base paint.

Now the parting bead was a WHOLE different story. It came out in splinters. As a matter of fact some of it is still in place. I'll need to use a small chisel to remove the remaining parting bead.

The top sash is a different story. It is firmly stuck in place. I will need to score the paint on the outside before I can even think about removing it. But since Mother Nature hasn't cooperated this past weekend, removal of top sash will have to wait. I was in no hurry to remove the wooden storm window and let all the warm air out of the house while I tried to remove the top sashes of the three dining room windows.

I spent the majority of the Easter holiday weekend with heat gun in one hand and scrapper in the other. All three sashes and sash stops are paint free. We have removed the loose glazing compound and the two broken panes. Over the next week I'll try and get them sanded, primed, and glazed. AND if it ever decides to quit snowing and warm up, I'll remove the top sashes and strip the outside trim. Who would have known a week ago that it was 80 degrees. Only in Michigan. Where's global warming when you need it?????