Saturday, April 14, 2007

I painted the house today!!!!!

I painted the house today!!! On the computer, that is. I only wish it was as easy as a click here, click there. The bonus part is absolutely "NO" scraping involved.

Here's my feeble attempt at computer painting my house. I still need to "paint" 2 of the dormers.....but my arm was tired.

The house looks better dark grey than the light yellow with pale yellow trim. I love the contrast of the dark grey and crisp white.

The shutters that I am installing were built last summer by my father and I. Thanks to eBay I purchased black hinges and scroll shaped shutter dogs. The dogs are vintage, the hinges are new.

My window boxes and brackets were purchased from Dave Ciliberto in Vermont. I've been very please with the quality, packaging, and swiftness of delivery. He also makes planters and shutters.

Roger doesn't I guess I can't say...Roger, you missed a spot!!!!!