Monday, April 23, 2007

Windows are open for business.......

I wonder when was the last time these windows were open???

Or these windows????

I can't imagine why anyone would paint windows shut. Sure it might keep air from infiltrating in during the winter. also keeps air from coming in during the summer. If Sunday was any indication, I think we will only need to use the A/C when it is humid out.

Sunday was a perfect day. Even though it reached 80 degrees it wasn't at all hot. A nice breeze made working out in the yard very comfortable. I trimmed all the rosebushes, except for the climbing ones. All bushes appeared to have new growth. I really can't wait to see the roses on the bushes I bought last year at Frost Gardens. They are a shrub rose called Midnight Blue. The color is between black and royal purple. Hopefully they will grow together and form a low hedge on the inside curve of my circular driveway. I am hoping they smell half as good as they look since it will be close to the front door.

All my Knockout roses did great last year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the climbing roses I planted last year along the fence, really take off. I usually don't plant hot or warm color flowers but I couldn't resist the climbing rose called Joseph's Coat.

I plan on planting a climbing rose on each side of the dining room bay window. With some luck, I should be able to get them to grow right over the top of the window. I'm considering planting a white climber called Iceberg. That should show up nicely against the dark grey.