Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In the beginning......

In March of 2004, by chance I picked up a local real estate listings pamphlet. I like to peruse these things for ideas...can never have too many ideas. Well, lo and behold....there it was...somewhere behind all those bushes, the house of my dreams. I really wanted to see this place. Why???? We weren't really in the market for a house, but then again the best houses, relationships, etc. are always stumbled upon. After a lot of prodding, my husband Roger, called our friend and real estate agent Char Mozader char@charmozader.com.

Well, let's just say the house didn't show very well. My husband was not impressed at ALL. He couldn't see all the hidden potential under the smell of cigarettes, dogs, and your basic run of the mill "old house" smell. The house was currently leased and the renters didn't leave during the showing, which added to the awkwardness of our walk through. Needless to say, after many...ahem..."discussions" and additional viewings, he agreed to have an inspection AND if the house passed inspection without TOO many red flags, we would make an offer.

The inspection was worth every penny of the $300.00. Basically, the inspector said the house was sound (not what my husband wanted to hear!!) but needed immediate attention, which we could already see. Some electrical, some paint, some plumbing, some this, some that. We made an offer and on October 31, 2004, a mere 7 months after our first walk through, it was ours.

OK.....so it took 7 months....but how did it get the name Gear Acres??? Your last name isn't Gear...or is it??

No, our last name isn't Gear. But we are gear heads...you know car enthusiasts. During the many discussions concerning moving, it was brought up that maybe our new neighbors wouldn't take too kindly to race cars and hot rods. What??? you're kidding me. This is Michigan, doesn't everyone love cars??? Detroit is the Motor City http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/default.htm and nearby Flint is the Vehicle City http://www.cityofflint.com/. I mentioned that I noticed several of our possible new neighbors had classic cars. I said something to the effect, "it's like Gear Acres around there." Char picked up on that and at the closing, presented us with a lovely slate plaque inscribed with Gear Acres.

So that is how it all began. In the next few weeks I will try and bring everyone up to speed on our past, current, and future projects.