Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter themed painting

I purchased this oil painting because I immediately liked it. It was only after I owned the painting and had it on the wall that I noticed so much more.I've learned over the years that some art work is meant to be viewed at a close range and others from a distance. This is one that needs to be viewed from a far.

This photo does not do this painting justice. Up close the details are completely gone and from a distance there is far more detail than what is showing up in the photo. Also the true colors are not coming through either.

I was told the artist's name when I purchased the painting but I did not write it down. It is signed with stylized initials and the numbers'38, indicating 1938. At a later date, I plan on cataloging my artwork and at that time I'll investigate the artist's name. But in the meantime if anyone recognizes the initials, I would be grateful for the insight.Happy Easter everyone.