Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R finds a chair

R finds lots of stuff. Over the years he has found at least 4 four foot long levels. Usually in the location of traffic corners. It appears that they fall out of construction trucks when they turn the corner. Amazingly none of the bubble levels are broken. Now on the other hand, I can accidently drop a level out of my hand 3 feet from the floor and of course the glass breaks. But for some reason the levels that R finds can fly out of a truck going XX mph, hit a concrete road, and still not break.

Here's his latest find.....

A solid oak desk chair. The pieces of oak on the seat need to be glued and it is missing the casters. The metal adjuster and attachment plate under the seat will need sandblasting and a coat of paint. Then some stain and a clear finish and it will be desk worthy again.

I guess I should mention that he found this sitting next to someone's trash. Seriously, when I drive by people's trash...all I see is trash. We were driving along one time, when he says, "Did you see those theater seats in the trash back there?" Me, "Huh? where? what do you mean theater seats?" So he turns the truck around and sure enough in the trash were 4 art deco movie theater seats. It was a 4 seat section with a decorative art deco cast iron design on each end. The seats are padded and fold up. Our plan is to build a raised 10" or higher oak platform and attach the 4 seat section to it. We will then install it next to our pool table for seating while shooting some stick. The seats will fold up and out of the way while you shoot. Both the table and chairs are from the same era 1920's-1930's.