Friday, March 21, 2008

The Plan

Here is 'The Plan' for the holiday weekend.

1. Do a walk around and see how well 'The Gear' handled this past 'fairly harsh' winter.

2. Take new photos of the outside of the house and surrounding yard for future reference.

3. Check for buds on fruit trees and inspect for damage.

4. Trim fruit trees.

5. Look for signs that the tulips I planted last year survived.

6. Work on the windows.

7. Sort through tools and organize, so that we can find what we are looking for in a reasonable time frame (same day preferably same hour).

8. Measure and buy wood to start framing the two small landings we need to add to the deck.

9. Buy bundles of red cedar shingles to re shingle front of house.

10. Load stumps into trailer to take to landfill.

11. Pick up twigs and branches that fell during the winter.

12. Burn twigs and branches.

13. Remove center wall in the potting shed.

14. Burn above along with twigs and branches.

15. Rake leaves out of flower beds before plants start growing.

Well, it's 3:10PM of my first day of my four day vacation and what have I done???? NOTHING

Note to self.......DO SOMETHING!!!!!!