Monday, March 17, 2008

Water Fowl Alignment

Phew....I made it. I worked 12 hours everyday (7days) last week and only had to drive home in freezing rain once. But I see that there is a weather advisory for tonight. Lucky me. Spring cannot come too soon for me.

Since I have been unable to actually work on the house, I've had to live vicariously through other people's blogs. Thank gosh everyone is staying busy or I would be bored. Keep up the good work.

This is the time of year where you really don't want to start a big indoor project when good weather is just around the corner and being outdoors is calling your name. That is where we are right now. So the next week or so is sort of a spring time prep period for us. I guess you could call it a 'water fowl alignment period'Speaking of water fowl alignment...I've been busy setting up the garden and kitchen blogs. Not much in content as of yet, but just laying out the blog gives me a headache.

On the Tony front......well....let's just say....grrrrrr and leave it at that.This is not the reason they call him 'Smoke'.