Friday, April 4, 2008

Did it go according to 'The Plan'?

I have been so busy, I haven't even had a chance to read all my favorite blogs lately.

Thank you Sandy for the 'This blog is rated E for Excellence' award. I truly appreciate it. I have been mulling around my top ten list in my head. I almost feel like David Letterman. I will post my top ten favorite blogs this weekend. It will be very difficult. I read a variety of blogs. But thank you again Sandy.

Waaaayyyy back just before Easter weekend, I made a bold prediction of what 'we' were going to accomplish during our time off. Let's see how we did. But before I give you a run down, I want to remind you of something. It was a 4 day holiday weekend but by 3:10PM of the first day I still hadn't done a thing. Actually I think when I wrote that I was still in my pajamas. So in all actuality it was a 3 day plan not a 4 day plan.

1. Do a walk around and see how well 'The Gear' survived. Done.

2. Take new photos for future reference. I have a few new photos but it was so windy and cold that I just wanted to get warm.

3. Check for buds on fruit trees and inspect for damage. Done. Trees look good, no broken branches or apparent dead branches and all trees are still standing straight so they must be rooted fairly well. We removed the remaining stakes and twine.

4.Trim fruit trees. Done. Removed all downward growing and crossed branches.

5.Looked for signs that tulips made it through the winter. Done. They were just barely poking their little pointy heads out of the ground.

6.Work on windows. Well we did and we didn't. We worked on different windows. We had removed the 3 bottom sashes in the dining room earlier in the year. They are stripped but the glazing is like concrete. R remarked that it didn't even smell like the other glazing we removed. We both feel that it is not glazing compound because it just doesn't appear nor smell like the other glazing we have removed. So the answer to item 6 is yes but no.

7.Sort through tools and organize. I'll answer that one when I quit laughing.

8.Measure for wood for deck. Nope. Couldn't find tape measure. See item #7.

9. Buy cedar shingle bundles. Nope.

10.Load stumps. Ahhhh no...they were still frozen solid.

11.Pick up twigs and branches. Done.

12. Burn twigs and branches. Heck yes. That's how we stayed warm enough to work outside.

13.Remove center wall in potting shed. Nope.

14.Burn wall with twigs. Nope.

15.Rake leaves out of flower beds. Yes yes yes and I even trimmed 50% of the rose bushes. See garden blog for verification of said raking.

OK...let's tally this up. 15 items on the list. 7 completed. 2 were iffy. 6 were a big NOPE. Just a quick calculation (guesstimation) and I'd say that was around 50%.

All in all not too bad for a late start and brutally cold weather.