Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bigger is Better

Bigger is better when it comes to TVs. Just ask my husband. We discussed purchasing a plasma TV for over the fireplace in the family room/library/study. He sometimes feels left out of a lot of the decorating/remodeling decisions, so I said, "why don't you research that and get some prices." Well he hopped right on that assignment and before I could say, "what did you decide would work best?" we had this..........Don't look at the mess, this room is used for storing lumber, cedar shingles, and apparently 2 Christmas wreaths that have yet to make there way to the basement.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized that we were now the proud owners of 55 inches of plasma HDTVness, oh and least I Bose surround sound. Gotta have a sound system......what better way to hear the Detroit Lions lose with....than surround sound.

So imagine my surprise again when yesterday morn (10am) there came a pounding on the front door that about knocked me out of bed (didn't get home from work until 5am). When I opened the door, I was met by a startled DHL driver....he acted like he had never seen a sleep deprived woman in pink flannel pajamas at 10 in the morning. What could be so important that he couldn't leave the package on the porch???? Well, it was my free LCD TV. In all it's 23 inch absolutely free glory. Twenty three inches???????? I thought it was suppose to be 19 inches. Instead of sending a 19 inch LCD Samsung TV...they sent a 23" LCD Samsung TV. I did a little price searching online. This particular TV's cost is somewhere between $529 to $699. Not too shabby for free.

So now...this fall when R is watching the Lions lose and apparently the Tigers this summer (grrrr) on his 55 inches of TV, I will be able to watch America's Test Kitchen in the kitchen on my 23 inches of free LCDness AND burn something on the stove all at the same time. All will be right with the world.

TVs....where would we be without them?????