Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bye Bye Old A/C Unit

Finally a day without rain or wind so we removed the a/c unit from the 2ND story on the back of the house.

R wiggled, pried, pulled, and obviously used his feet to get the unit out of the wall. Once it was removed we were able to see what would be needed to close up the hole. Luckily whoever installed the unit framed the opening with 2 X 4's. We measured, cut, and installed 2 X 4's to give us a place to nail the sheathing to.But before we installed the sheathing, G showed up on his motorcycle. We used his appearance as a chance to help us turn over the cement birdbaths basins. Every winter R and I dutifully turn over the birdbath basins so that they are not damaged by ice during the winter. Normally R and I take care of this but my shoulders can no longer support the weight plus make the twisting motion to turn over the basins. Once that was completed R and G talked motorcycles as the daylight burned.

Back to the gaping hole in our bedroom wall. I rummaged through our pile of used wood that we saved from previous demos. I found some 1 X 6's and removed any old nails. We cut the old 1 X 6's to the correct length and nailed them to the 2 X 4 frame work we installed earlier.It was now too dark to start shingling. Notice the moon over the ridge of our barn.
I'll shingle tomorrow while R tends to some projects that he and G have planned (racing related).