Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free 8X10 Canvas Photo

Do you have a special photo that would look great printed on canvas? Here is your chance to do it for free + shipping.

My shipping cost was $14.99 for the free 8 X 10 size. I know of one person who only paid $11.99 for shipping so it must be calculated based on location. $14.99 for Michigan and $11.99 for Idaho, so I am assuming this is west coast based.

This would make a great gift especially if framed in a nice frame. Don't buy the frame from them. Use a 50% off 1 item coupon and get your frame from Michael's Craft Store. Coupons are usually in Sunday's newspaper. Since 8 X 10 is a common size you will be able to buy a pre made frame instead of a expensive custom frame.

Children, grandchildren, and pets are always excellent choices for canvas photos. But what about using software to combine a 'before and after' photo of your house? What better reminder of how far you've come (other than your credit card bills) on your restoration than a canvas printed 'before and after' photo framed and hung for all to see.

If you are really handy you could make your frame out of reclaimed wood from your home. Use old baseboard or trim to build your own frame.

What photo did I put on canvas? R in his race car of course!