Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stupidity with a Capital 'S'

See that nasty old aluminum cross buck door? Tomorrow, fingers crossed, it will be gone. Here's the deal. Who puts a wrought iron security door on the inside of a house and then to make matters worse, like that wasn't ugly and stupid enough...they added an even uglier storm door on the outside. So basically I have two storm doors and no exterior door. What were they thinking? Jayne, of Dainty Digs fame, has a neighbor called WTB and he calls this stupidity. That's right.....stupidity with a capital 'S'.

This door is located in what is to be our game room. The room already has a set of patio doors so I don't think egress is a problem. On the other hand wall space is lacking in this room because of the numerous windows. So the plan is to remove the set of storm doors and wall it up.

Unfortunately our 2 X 4 inventory is low so we will have to spring for 2 X 4's but the rest of the supplies we already have on hand. So this amounts to another low cost/no cost project.

The aluminum door will go into the scrap pile and the wrought iron door will be stored in the barn along with the other wrought iron door we removed. There is yet another wrought iron security door on the kitchen door that still needs to be removed.

My guess is that this project will take 2 days to complete so it will probably take 4 days.