Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antiques Roadshow Tickets

Tickets to the 2010 Antiques Roadshow are now available. Tickets are dispensed by a lottery system. Last year I submitted my information about this time and I was lucky enough to get tickets. FYI, I did not purchased anything nor did I donate monies to PBS, so despite what I have read in some blogs, this is not necessary nor does it increase your chances.

If you are chosen via the lottery system, you will receive 2 tickets. Each ticket holder is allowed 2 items. Click on the link below to enter your name for Antiques Roadshow tickets.

The 2010 Antiques Roadshow schedule
June 12 San Diego CA
June 26 Billings MT
July 10 Miami Beach FL
July 24 Biloxi MS
August 7 Des Moines IA
August 21 Washington DC

The Antiques Roadshow will air the Madison WI shows for the next three weeks. I hope I recognize someone I stood in line with while waiting for our turn to have our items appraised.

We had a very enjoyable time when we attended an Antiques Roadshow last summer. The Roadshow people have it down to a science and the whole operation is very organized. Everyone was very polite and you never felt rushed despite the large crowd. We were in and out in exactly two hours.

I would suggest if you do go that you place your items in something that you can pull behind you. You might think that little vase is not very heavy but when you have to hold it for two hours you will wish you had brought a little wagon. We used a luggage hauler to tote our paintings. We placed each painting in a flat box and then placed the boxes on the luggage hauler and secured with a bungee cord.

Good luck to all that apply for tickets.