Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yes, it's unbelievable.....we are still working on the heat ducts.

Today we got a late start because I wanted to watch Danica in the Nationwide race. But first let me rant for a moment.

What in the world is 'Go Daddy' thinking when they produced those sleazy commercials? I plan on firing off several emails tomorrow while I watch the Daytona 500. The commercial I saw today was totally unacceptable for daytime viewing, for a racing audience that includes children, and was totally degrading to women in general. I wish Danica wouldn't subject herself and her career to such marketing but I am sure if she wants the sponsorship $$$ she is required to do the commercials.

Go to the link below to see the commercials in question. The one that I think really crosses the line is the 2009 baseball commercial that is being recycled this year. Also notice that they offer an Internet only version that is longer and shows several enhanced Go Daddy girls. What's the deal with having an Internet version? Is that some sort of commercial soft core porn for computer geeks? No offense to the computer geeks out there, some of my friends are computer geeks and they are quite comfortable with their geekness. I could use a dose of computer geekness now and again but I digress. Who are they targeting with the Internet version and more important....why?

Go see GoDaddy's Super Bowl Ads!

Well, ladies what do you think?

Now here's a good commercial.

I love it when Peyton says, "How's that feel, Donny?" I think it's hilarious when Darrel Hammond says, "you're a dashing man" to Trump.

Rant over.

Back to the ducts. We need 1 more adjustable elbow to complete the duct under the kitchen. we have the insulation sleeves so as soon as he knows the exact length of the last duct he can slide the sleeves on the duct and we will be done. Sort of.R needs to go back under the living room and insulate several small areas that require only a partial sleeve. Then he can do a quick clean up and make sure he doesn't leave any tools in the crawl space and then he's out of there.

In the meantime I will try and dispose of the old flexible ducts. Each duct fills an entire trash can. The pile of scrap metal will go into containers that R uses to keep his scrap until he takes it the scrap yard. He says he is just about ready to make another run. Generally he gets about 80 bucks but he has received as much as $220, it all depends on how much brass, copper, and aluminum is in the load.

Well it is that time of year again and what would you think if I didn't give out a gratuitous "Goooooooo Smoke!"

I promise the duct rehab will get done tomorrow...well maybe not. It depends on if we decide to watch all of the Daytona 500.