Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfecting Our Technique

The flexible duct replacement is moving along at a quicker pace than it did when R replaced the ducts under the family room/library. Due to the lack of space R had to crawl on his stomach like a snake and it made for slow going. He now can crawl on his hands and knees so he moving much faster. So fast.... that I'm thinking of entering him in a baby crawling contest, I just need to find a bonnet his size.

Duct replacement and insulating is nearly done under the living room. We ran out of aluminum tape so we stopped and then it snowed. The last two days have consisted of snow shoveling, napping, and more snow shoveling.

Once we return to duct replacement, R will tape up the remaining seams and insulate the last branch. Then he will pick up what trash remains and we will then replace the one last flexible duct that is under the kitchen (different crawl space).

R also removed a run of disconnected gas pipe that was under the living room. At one time it fed a gas log in the living room. We took the old pipe out in two sections. R was able to disconnect the pipe at a fitting using two pipe wrenches. The old pipe went into the scrap pile that is growing daily. We added some more old knob and tube wiring that R cut down while under the living room. He usually does that while waiting for me to bring him tools or supplies.

The crawl space is getting cooler which makes it easier for R to detect warm air leaks. He found a whopper of a leak the other day. The trunk line is comprised of two L shaped pieces that when put together form the large rectangular trunk line. R found an area where the seam was open at least 8 inches. This would help explain the weak air flow at the registers at the very end of the run.

I am looking forward to stripping some more trim after we complete this duct rehab. R has two projects depending on the weather. Of course he can't wait to take his new chain saw for a spin but if it continues to snow he will knock down a free standing cement block wall that enclosed what was once a coal room. Knocking down this wall will give us one large area instead of two small areas, one of which is sans any form of light.