Monday, June 28, 2010

I Feel the Urge

According to the weather forecast, we have seen the last of the rain for the next week. In addition to the 'no rain' forecast, the rarely correct weathermen are saying that the temperatures will fall nicely into the 70's. Yippee, I couldn't be happier.

Work slows to a snail's pace when the temps are in the mid to high 80's and coupled with high humidity. Throw in rain and absolutely nothing gets done. But I think I feel the urge to get something done.

So here is the plan......quit's a plan...not a contract.

Complete all mowing today.
Finish putting down black mulch that was bought on Saturday.
Spray Round Up (this alone should take 4-5 hrs) large yard plus need to refill.
Sand trim on sun room exterior.
Caulk all new trim on sun room exterior.
Prime sun room exterior.
Strip paint on next section of house.
Sand, caulk, prime this section and the doorway section that already has new shingles and trim.
Work on painting the chain link while fence is in the shade.

Photos and progress to follow. Oh I just had an irresistible urge to take a nap. Not a good sign. Must get moving. NOW!

"Every time I feel the urge to exercise, I sit down until the urge goes away." Mark Twain