Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time Out To Do a Radio Show

One of the reasons we are running behind on chores here at 'The Gear' is that on June 9th R and G both displayed their race cars at a local business. I know it doesn't sound like it would take a lot of time but prep and execution required two days.

The radio show 'Race Talk', on 1470AM, was also present and is on air from 7-9PM every Wednesday. Both R and G did interviews that went well since they both have the gift of gab. Here is a photo of G with announcers Ed Inloes and Larry Loynes. My cousin, Judy and her husband Paul came to watch as did several people I used to work with before I retired to a life of leisure.....leisure? What leisure?

R and G's cars were a hit. Not ever day do you drive by Whigville Market and see these sitting out front.Of course there were kids who needed help getting in and out of the cars. Isn't he cute?Several other cars were on display. One was a 4 cylinder Neon that is raced by a 13 year old girl. After the radio show was over everyone loaded their cars into their haulers or on to their trailers. One of our haulers was slightly blocking the young girl's trailer. We said we would move but they indicated it was not a problem and that she would be able to maneuver her car into place without us moving. Sure enough she was able to essentially back in between in a very tight space and load her car and she's only 13! She'll nail the parallel spacing part of driver training.

I purchased a bottle of chocolate red wine from Holland while I was at Whigville Market for the radio show. Very tasty. Make sure and save their website in your favorites. The website is very informative and is loaded with a lot of unusual drink recipes. This was the first time I had ever been to the Whigville Market and was shocked at the variety they carried. You name it, they carry it.