Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trimming Dead Branches with a Chainsaw on a Stick

We decided today to trim dead and low hanging branches since it was again too windy today to spray Round Up on my weeds.

For the small branches R used his chainsaw on a stick (small electric chainsaw on an adjustable pole). Sounds like a good idea but it is killer on the back. I was happy to be the designated ladder holder today.Oops...I guess I didn't do too good of a job holding the ladder. But it is difficult to get a good photograph using one hand. I believe R's exact words were..."will you put down that #$%^ camera and hold the ladder." To which I replied.."I need a photo for my blog." I won't tell you what he said about my blog. LOL

The plan for tomorrow is to pick up all the branches and finish cutting the dead branches out of the large ash tree that is growing next to the two large pines we trimmed today. The weather forecast is for storms by 2pm on Wednesday. I hope the rain holds off until about 6pm so we can finish up this round of trimming.

The next photo is an after photo. I like the limbs to be the same height all along the bottom. Before we trimmed these pine trees some of the boughs would touch your head when you walked under them. The limbs were also resting on the weeping mulberry tree which would in time kill the part of the mulberry tree that it was touching.
Pray for no rain until late Wednesday. We have had so much rain that it seems that all we do is mow and pull weeds.