Sunday, June 20, 2010

Painting the Chain Link Fence

Our property is surrounded by a 6 foot tall chain link fence. Simply is ugly.

In some places the chain link is rusty. It appears that at some time the fence was repainted with silver colored paint. So why not paint it again?

My hope was that by painting the fence in a satin black that it would recede into the background and disappear. I'm using Rust Oleum black satin enamel. This is the same paint I used on the wrought iron driveway gates.

Here is what the fence in the right side of the driveway looked before painting. These photos are not the best. Photographing chain link fence while facing the sun rarely results in a good photo.Here is the fence after painting the posts and top rails. You can see my neighbors chain link fence on the right side of the photo. The fence no longer jumps out at you. It recedes nicely into the background. Of course I would rather have wrought iron to match the gate but as R would say,"If wishes were horses we could all take a ride." Where in heck does he come up with these sayings?I still need to paint the chain link but I want to wait until I can do both sides of the chain link at the same time. It was getting late when I finished painting the posts and top rails this evening. I will use a small roller to paint the chain link.

That was several days ago. I have now started painting with the small roller. That is going slower than I expected but I like the results.

Painting has come to a standstill between the rain and intense heat. At this point I have about 20% of the fence painted.

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